The Birth

On 19th of October 2005 at 14:00 Carrie started her contractions at 10 minutes apart.

Carrie said at this stage they felt like bad period pains and was coping with them.

It was until 18:30 that evening they started being 5 minutes apart

 so Carrie phoned the hospital and was told not to come in until they were 1 minute long,

So Carrie tried eating some food but appetite was gone.

Around 22:00 Carrie had attempted to sleep but woke every 10 minutes

 until 06:30 on Thursday morning, when the pain became too much,

so Carrie phoned the hospital and they advised her to eat and come in when necessary.

At approx 07:50 we made our way to Pembury Hospital, on arrival, once checked Carrie was 5cm dilated.

Up until 12.30 Carrie carried on with intense contractions with no pain relief,

blood pressure was high and had to be monitored along with baby's heartbeat.

Was told that water pool was being used and she said "well cant you get them out"......

Once the pool was ready for us we entered the room to find it really hot,

 once in the pool Carrie found it easier to manoeuvre when she was having her contractions .

 About 14:30 she was 7cm's dilated and using "Gas and Air".

Whilst in the pool Carrie could hear other mothers pushing and screaming which was discouraging!!

Carrie was coping very well and was hoping the baby would come soon.

Roger decided to enter the pool at around 4pm and sat on the seat in the pool so Carrie could squeeze his hands whilst in pain!!

At approx 17:30 Carrie stopped using the gas and air, and Ella  made her way  in to the world 42minutes later, at 18.12.

Carrie must add that this was the hardest part of the labour, but it is nice to say now that it is over and almost forgotten!!! but Ella Rose Cornwell was worth it.

If anyone is a first time mum, I can strongly suggest a water birth!

One last thing..... not going through that much pain again!!!!!!! lol